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       Netozaur is a desktop/file/voice sharing tool which is designed to serve as a multi purpose sharing tool. It's features consist of reasonable bandwidth usage, conferencing/presentation support/file sharing/chat/HTTP wrapping/encryption and many more. Please see below a complete list of what this tool is meant to do.

       Netozaur is still in Alpha tests.

   A free trial is available for download. The trial version will allow you to test the features of Netozaur while enforcing one limitation : you can not use the HTTP wrapping. All other features are enabled. A tester key is available upon request at alphabetatest@mindbend.ro.

   If you would like to report a problem/bug please send it to this address : support@mindbend.ro.

   Features summary :

  • Desktop sharing
  • Controlling of shared desktop
  • Session based sharing (via server)
  • AES 128/192/256 bit encryption.
  • File sharing
  • Chat window
  • Wizard for easy setup of what you want to do
  • Unified client/server in one Exe file
  • Automatic software update
  • HTTP wrapping (allows passing over proxies)
  • Multiple clients controlling
  • Screen stretch
  • Fullscreen mode



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Last updated : 14.03.2006