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        Below is a list of the frequently asked questions regarding Recovozaur. If you want to go back to the Recovozaur product page click here.

  • Q : Does Recovozaur need administrator rights for installation ?

    A : It is not mandatory to have administrator rights to install it. The copying of the files can be done as a standard user also. However in order that the shell context menu entry and the Add/Remove programs entry is installed administrator rights are necessary.

  • Q : Does Recovozaur delete my tracked data ?

    A : No, Recovozaur only reads the files that you track. No write or delete operation is performed on these files.

  • Q : Once I purchase Recovozaur do I have to pay for anything else (upgrades, bugfixes) ?

    A : No, you have to pay only once for Recovozaur. Updates and bug fixes are free. They can be obtained by a new download and inserting your key into the product or via the automatic update feature that is built in Recovozaur.

  • Q : I have cleaned up the archives and I have lost my work. What can I do ?

    A : Nothing. The clean up feature is supposed to be used when the space occupied by your archives is too big and you are SURE that the archived data is not needed anymore.

  • Q : Is recovozaur supposed to be used for archiving any data ?

    A : Recovozaur can be used to archive any data, but it is recommended that the size of the archived files is kept to a decent value. Archiving 1GB of data made up of 10000 files will definitely degrade your system performance. Recovozaur is supposed to be used to backup your work folder (i.e. If you have a project held in D:\Work track only this folder and not the entire D drive).

  • Q : What is the main difference between Recovozaur and a versioning system.

    A : Recovozaur targets automatic archival of small and medium sized folders and serves as a complement to known versioning systems (like CVS, PVCS, VSS). It aims at backing up the work area of these versioning systems or any work area in general.

       The versioning systems require mostly manual actions (check out, update, check in, release, assign label, etc.) to be performed by the user and do not focus on automatically backing up data to avoid information loss.

       Recovozaur is not a complete versioning system and is not intended to become one either.

       For any other questions please try to contact us directly at support@mindbend.ro.



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Last updated : 01.03.2006