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        Welcome to Mindbend Software home page !

        MindBend Software is a small software development company based in Romania, Timisoara. Our goal is to develop good quality useful software.

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        Here is a preview for the MindBend products. Click on the links to find out more details about each product.

  •         Netozaur is a desktop sharing application. Although in Alpha stage, some of its features can be a true benefit (Http wrapping, 256 bit encryption, reasonable needed bandwidth).



  •        Recovozaur is a file tracking and recovery application. How many times after deleting or changing a (source) file, you wished you would have made a backup copy or would have checked it in into your version management system? Intended for software developers, but useful for other people, this small and easy to use application will track the changes into your files giving you the chance to restore overwritten data if needed.

  •        FilePrinterSpooler is a small and easy to use print spooler. It is ready to use, easy to configure and supports a list of escape sequences which can be used to modify printing properties at runtime.

       A list of downloadable old MindBend products (MindVid lossless codec and AviTester) can be found here.


Copyright for Recovozaur, Netozaur and other MindBend products belongs to MindBend Software. All other products mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

Last updated : 01.03.2006